West Coast Great Pyrenees is committed to finding lifetime placements for the dogs in our care.  To ensure a good fit between a potential adopter and the individual dog, many factors are taken into consideration – the age, temperament, and history of the dog is evaluated to provide the best match to the particular living situation of each potential adopter.  


All West Coast Great Pyrenees dogs are chipped, neutered, and fully vetted prior to becoming available for adoption.  There is a $395 adoption fee for each dog.  

The Adoption application is the first step in the process to tell us about you, your reasons for wanting to adopt a Great Pyrenees (companion or working), and your living situation.  


The next step is a phone interview to review the application and to schedule a home visit and a meet and greet with the dog you are interested in adopting.


The home visit provides an opportunity for a  PyrPaw Rescue volunteer to confirm that your situation is a good one for the dog and to provide advice and guidance so you will be well prepared to bring your new family member home.

Post adoption, West Coast Great Pyrenees will remain an active partner to provide assistance and support during the settling in period and beyond.  

Interested in adopting in the near future?


We know that applications can be a bit tedious, especially when you know you love the breed, but still haven't figured out everything yet.

If you need to tie up some loose ends before bringing a Great Pyrenees home, this is the form for you.


We will put you on our shortlist for future adoption opportunities.  


We can also keep you in the loop about upcoming meet ups, adoption events, Pyr walks, and other activities.