Is that a horse?

No, just a pony—only kidding! It’s a dog!


What the heck kind of dog is that?

That’s a Great Pyrenees—they’re originally from the Pyrenees Mountains, between Spain and France.


Is it part wolf?

No more than most dogs. In fact, for the past 3,000 years or more they’ve been used to guard livestock from predators, including wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, and even bears.


Do they eat a lot?

Not really. They have a low metabolism, so a full-grown dog only needs about 3–4 cups of dog food per day.


What’s with all the toes?

The extra toes that don’t usually touch the ground are called dewclaws. They do touch the ground when the dog is running full-out, which may help in tight, fast turns. It’s thought that the double dewclaws on the back help with uneven terrain like their native Pyrenees Mountains.

How big is their poop?

About the size of a Chihuahua.


Are they good with kids?

They’re super with kids! However, they’re huge, and could accidentally knock over a small child. Even a nice dog shouldn’t be left alone with kids.


Are they good guardians for chickens/sheep/ goats?

Yes, but they have to be taught! You can’t just plop a puppy in with your animals and expect it to know what to do. Typically, a young dog is paired with an older dog who shows them the ropes.


Do they need a lot of room?

Not really. A couple of walks a day and a place they can nap while they keep an eye on things.


Do they shed a lot?

Well, yes. They have a double coat, and twice a year they completely change the undercoat—looks like a blizzard. But the outer coat is dirt resistant, and once the dirt is dry it just brushes right out.

Education really is such a formal term...
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