Our foster program forms the foundation of the PyrPaw Rescue organization.  Without fosters, we cannot rescue dogs.  It is that simple.

Fostering is both the hardest and most rewarding part of rescue.  It is hard because we cannot help but become attached to the dogs who come into our lives.  It is rewarding when we see that same dog thriving in his or her new home, knowing we have played a part in returning that dog to a happier place.

Because fosters are so critical to our mission, we encourage fostering at any level.  Once you have completed the foster application and had a home visit, you can foster in any way you think you can manage.  Those who know our beloved breed well, understand that they generally do not do well in a shelter or kennel environment, but thrive in home-based situations.  Short term fosters are welcome to provide vacation coverage, and even temporary relief to long-term fosters.  Think about dipping your dew claws in the water by fostering for a weekend!


All you need to do to be a foster is to be willing to welcome a dog into your home and treat it as you would your own dog(s).  West Coast Great Pyrenees can provide financial assistance to cover food expenses and will cover all veterinary care (including flea/tick and heartworm preventative care).  Ongoing advice and support for any new foster is readily available. is your guide to California's favorite dog-friendly hikes, beaches, hotels, restaurants and more.

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