We believe that community is what sustains us:

  • When we are saddened by the way we receive a rescue, we have each other, and our already adopted Pyrs. 

  • When we can't figure out when to stop brushing because surely our Pyr will go bald at some point, we have a kindred soul who assures us that we will never have a fully brushed out pup - but we could now weave a blanket!

  • Advice and reassurances is always a fingertip/text/call away - if you are encountering a completely new challenge, odds are one of us will have also just dealt with such a challenge.


Sometimes, when you are the only person you know who has a big white fluffy dog, you need someone else around who has one!


Which means...

  • When you have a Great Pyrenees that you wonder if you'll be able to keep in your life forever, we are here to help you figure that out.

  • If you adopt a Great Pyrenees from us, you are not on your own the minute you bring him or her home - we will be there to help you, smile with you, be amazed with you, laugh with you. (In a not creepy way...)


Hanging ten is a surfing phrase that refers to the act of hanging all ten toes off the front of a long board while surfing a wave.


It also refers to the art of kickin’ back and having a chill day.


Great Pyrenees have 22 toes...


And thus, Hang 22 was born.

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