What does “dog rescue” mean, anyway? This isn’t the cartoon St. Bernard with a tiny barrel of brandy on his collar, sad to say. These are dogs who have ended up in wrong, bad, even perilous situations and need help to get into a better homes.

Pyr Paw Rescue focuses on helping Great Pyrenees dogs find a real forever home. We know these dogs are special, not just for their giant size and their stunning good looks, but for their strength, independence, and loving guardian hearts.

When we accept a dog into the program, we make sure it’s healthy, spayed/neutered and gets all the care it needs to stay healthy. Our dogs are fostered in private homes, and spend time with all manner of people, situations and animals. We groom and give our rescued pooches confidence to become someone’s perfect companion.


It could be a major life change on the human side that means the dog needs to rehome. Or an over-crowded, under-funded shelter that just isn’t equipped to deal with a scared giant dog. Sometimes it’s something worse, inexplicable to those of us who love dogs.

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