The Story of Bear: How He Became Our First Rescue

As you can imagine it's a sad story.

Deb Michelotti got a call from her vet about a Pyr scheduled for euthanasia last Monday when both she and I were out of town! Patti and Lisa both stepped up to save this boy - a 2.5 yr old neutered Great Pyrenees. Thank goodness that Vally Oak Veterinary Center called!

George Menna, a dog trainer that we all call the Pyr Whisperer, stepped up immediately, and took Bear in until we could find a foster home for him.

It looks like he will need his shots, and he definitely could do with some brushing; we are in the midst of getting the website up, the donation mechanism in place, and other things like kennels and food, but we had to help this boy.

It appears that Bear was in the middle of an emotional tug-of-war between family members, and while one was away, the other brought him in. Luckily, we had the paperwork in place, so got all the appropriate surrender documentation taken care of.

George reports that he is protective of his space, but good on leash with other dogs. Reminds me of Sanger.

#rescue #euthanize #greatpyrenees #pyr

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